Villa Julia

Quietly set in Le Cerquilla with stunning views of Los Naranjos, the Mediterranean sea and La Concha.

plot 2623 m2
built 619 m2
facing S/E
bedrooms 6
bathrooms 6
parking 5
fireplace 5
screening room
Villa Julia 16


Great homes have soul. They have a personality. What that personality is and how you bring it to life will differ, but for me it usually starts with history. The history of the area, the land or the house itself. In this instance, it was a set of doors. Egyptian and about four meters tall. They where going to be thrown out, but luckily we got them restored to old glory. These doors then set the tone for everything that came after. The high ceilings, the old wooden roof, the interiors and the natural light that brightens the entry.

Villa Julia is an example of how one piece of something special can set the tone for an entire project.

Villa Julia 19
Villa Julia 21